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About Paediatrics Department
Doctors Working in the Department :

1)    Prof. A B M Rafiqul Hogue
MBBS (DAC), DCH, MRCP (UK), FRCP (Edin) Head of the Department.

2)    Prof. Md. Maniruzzaman Bhuiyan
MBBS (DAC), DCH (Ireland), PhD
Principal of Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College

3)    Dr. M. A. Afzal Bhuiyan MBBS, DCH, MRCP Associate Professor

4)    Dr. Mizanur Rahman MBBS, DCH
Associate Professor

5)    Dr. Mostafa Sharif Mohammad MBBS, DCH
    Associate Professorospital.

Registrars :

1)    Dr. Md. Shahjahan
2)    Dr. A.T.M Rafique
3)    Dr. Hassan Faruque

Resident Medical Officers :


1)    Dr. Anar Koli
2)    Dr. Mariya Mahtab
3)    Dr. Fahmila Anjum
4)    Dr. Parveen Akther Khanam MBBS
5)    Dr. Parvin Sultana
6)    Dr. Mia Mamataz Daulat Alam MBBS
7)    Dr. Mirza Rezaus Saki
8)    Dr. Sharmin Rahman
9)    Dr. Farhana Rahman

Services Available/ Provided

1)    Indoor management of child patients upto 18 years of age in general beds and cabins. Patients get admission from OPD or Emergency Room.

2)    Neonatal Services :

Newborns or neonates (from birth to 28 days age are treated in Special Care Neonatal Unit (SCNU). Only sick neonates are admitted and treated in the SCNU . Healthy newborns following delivery (normal or Caesarian) within the hospital after initial care allowed to stay with mothers, put to mothers breast within one hour of delivery usually.
Babies referred from other hospitals and clinics are also admitted to SCNU for necessary treatment.
Incubators for sick Low-birth-weight babies and phototherapy for jaundiced babies are available. in near future the SCNU will be upraded to NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).
BCG vaccine is given to newborns prior to discharge. Neonates are advised to be brought to the outpatient department if any problem is seen or come for a routine check-up at 7-10 days age.

3)    Outpatient Services :

Specialist Clinic – From 9:OOAM to 1:OOPM specialists see patients on the office days.

General Clinic -  General practitioners examine and give treatment, if needed they refer the patients to the specialist clinic.
4)    Immunization / Vaccinations :

All vaccines as per EPI are given in the outpatient vaccination centre. Other Vaccines :
e.g. Typhoid, MMR, Hepatitis B & A, chicken pox etc are also given on payment.
NID (National Immunization Days) are observed in our hospital, under 5 children are given oral polio vaccines and vitamin A on these days.

5)    Breast Feeding :

Our hospital is a Baby Friendly Hospital. Our policy is to put the baby to mother's breast within one hour of birth or as soon as baby and mother's conditions are stable. Counseling is done to mothers and families at antenatal check-ups in our breast feeding corner beside the children out patient, also during the follow-up visits of the babies after discharge.

6)    IYCF (infant and Young Child Feeding) advises are given in the outpatient as well as to admitted patients.
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