Para-Clinical / Activities / Activities
Activities of Microbiology Department
Subjects taught :    
a) General Microbiology     b) Immunology
c) Systemic bacteriology    d) Parasitology
e) Mycology     f) Virology
1.Lab facilities: Two labs. One is in college and another one is in hospital.

a) College laboratory: It is used for teaching students. Staining, microscopy and various biochemical and immunological tests are shown to the students. One laboratory technician is engaged to guide the students.

b)Hospital laboratory: It is used for reporting.

2.Teaching type: 3rd and 4th year MBBS students are taught lectures by Professors and tutorials and practicals are taken by lecturers.
In July and January of each year, the department is used to take two professional examinations.

3. Seminars: Department is used to conduct at least two seminars in a year presenting topics like urine c/s and blood c/s status of HFRCMCH.

4. Infection Control Program: The department is successfully running infection control program of the hospital with a full time infection control nurse.
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