Session : 2023-2024

MBBS (Local)

As per Government order

* Pay order in favour of  “Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College


For overseas correspondent only

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MBBS (Foreigner)


A.  1.  Admission Fee                                                                                              :           US $    24,250

      2. Government & Dhaka University Registration Fee & others                          :          US $      4,000

                                                    To be paid at the time of Admission Total US $ :   US $    28,250

B.   Tuition fee : Monthly 300 US $ (three hundred) to be paid within the 10th day of each month.

C.    Internship training allowance with Misc. College expenses to be paid within       

      6 (six) months from admission. (Internship allowance is refundable)                 :          US $      4,000

D.  Clinical Training fee : US$ 300/- (three hundred) to be paid every year from 3rd year to 5th year for the purpose of clinical training.

E.   Field visit / Study tour fee : 20,000/- (Twenty thousand BDT) to be paid in 3rd year.

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