Admission process is going on in government medical college.
Instructions for admission in private medical colleges have not come yet.

 (1) 20-03-2021_Class Routine of 2nd Year BDS Classes.pdf    Download
 (2) 03-04-2021_Final Prof MBBS Exam of Nov 2020 and Jan 2021_have been Postponed.pdf    Download
 (3) 26-04-2021_Class Routine_for 3rd_4th_5th Year _MBBS.pdf    Download
 (4) 26-01-2021-DU__1st Prof Exam Notice.pdf    Download
 (5) 14-03-2021_Special Clinical Class Shedule_MBBS_Batch-HF-17 and 15.pdf    Download
 (6) 22-4-2021_5th year lecture Schedule Hf-18__Paediatrics.pdf    Download
 (7) Form Fillup Notice.pdf    Download
 (8) 28-04-2021 Class Routine_for 3rd_4th_5th Year _MBBS 01 A.pdf    Download
 (9) Major General ATM Abdul Wahab (Rtd.)-1 copy.PDF    Download
 (10) 22-4-2021_ 4th year lecture HF-19 2021_Paeediatrics.pdf    Download
 (11) 05-04-2021_Final Prof MBBS Exam Schedule_November-20 and January 21.pdf    Download
 (12) 26-01-2021-DU__2nd Prof Exam Notice.pdf    Download
 (13) 24-04-2021_Medicine Lecture Classes _for 5th Year _HF-18.pdf    Download
 (14) 22-4-2021 5th Yar_HF-18_Surgery-April and May-2021.pdf    Download
 (15) 15-03-2021_BDS Online Class Schedule of HFD-6 and HFD-7 (2nd and 3rd Yr BDS).pdf    Download
 (16) 28-04-2021 Class Routine_for 3rd_4th_5th Year _MBBS.PDF    Download
 (17) 05-05-2021_MBBS and BDS Class are suspended for Eid Festival.pdf    Download
 (18) 25-03-2021_1st Prof Feb 2021_Oral and Practical Schedule.pdf    Download
 (19) 12-04-2021_ Online Class Routine of HF-19_Phase-3.pdf    Download
 (20) Final Assessment Result_HF-17_February_2021_06-03-2021.pdf    Download
 (21) ২০২০-২০২১ শিক্ষাবর্ষে এমবিবিএস কোর্সে বেরসকারি মেডিকেল কলেজ এ ভর্তি বিজ্ঞপ্তি।.pdf    Download
 (22) 12-05-2021_MBBS Final Exam Schedul Change for COVID-19.pdf    Download
 (23) 03-02-2021-BDS_Final year Online Class Routine (HFD-05 and Others).pdf    Download
 (24) 1st _Oral-Prac_ and Final _Written and OSPE_ Exam Schedule.doc.pdf    Download
 (25) 14-03-2021_Office Circular.pdf    Download
 (26) 22-04-2021_ OBST and GYNAE Class Routine of HF-18_5th Year.pdf    Download
 (27) 26-01-2021__1st and 2nd Prof Exam Notice.pdf    Download
 (28) 28-04-2021_3rd professional MBBS Examination of May 2020 held in january 2021.pdf    Download
 (29) 22-04-2021_ Online Class Routine of HF-20_Phase-2.pdf    Download
 (30) 29-04-2021_Lecture Classes for 5th year Dept of Psychiatry.pdf    Download
 (31) 06-05-2021_Notice about PGT_Dhaka Dental College Hospital.pdf    Download
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